Dr. med. Susann Blaske ist Spezialistin in den Bereichen ganzheitliche Gesundheit, Nährstofftherapie, Ernährungsmedizin sowie funktionelle und systemische Medizin. Ihre medizinische Bildung wurde durch eine Zusatzausbildung zur Schmerzspezialistin nach Liebscher und Bracht®, Schwingungstherapeutin nach Thomas Künne® und viele weitere Fortbildungen ergänzt. Sie legt großen Wert darauf, medizinische Sachverhalte verständlich zu kommunizieren, um eine vertrauensvolle Basis mit ihren Gesprächspartnern zu schaffen.

Electromagnetic fields

The harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on health are still greatly underestimated. Because EMFs cannot be seen, heard, smelled or touched. Nevertheless, they are available in abundance.

Let’s imagine this with mobile data, for example. No matter where you are, if you switch on the mobile data on your cell phone, you usually have reception. In other words, radiation is constantly with us. In addition, there is also your own WLAN or WLAN from neighbors, as well as exposure when cooking with induction or electric stoves, transmission masts, natural earth fields and much more.

Chaos in the body

The human body consists of 10 – 15 cells. All these cells have to communicate with each other and react to and regulate external stimuli. If additional interference fields are added, for example through electromagnetic radiation, then chaos is inevitable.

Electrosmog - two electricity pylons

In search of protection

So a few years ago, I set out to find a technology that could protect me in this area. The market was already then, and unfortunately even more so today, full of dubious things that promised protection, but unfortunately without any solid scientific background. After a long search, I came across a company where I could understand the technology, at least with my simple understanding of technology.

My self-experiment

So I ordered a regeneration mat and a wristband as a mobile version for on the go. The regeneration mat is simply placed under the mattress and should provide protection against unnatural and natural EMFs.

The first 14 days on the regeneration mat were very dream-intensive and I had the feeling that my body was working extremely hard. Of course, the body generally works very intensively at night as it is busy with detoxification and regeneration, but on these nights everything was different. Mr. Passler explained that all the “legacy issues” that had been left behind for years were now being dealt with. I can understand this from a medical point of view, because I know this from other areas of the body as well. After the first very exhausting nights, we finally got some rest. Suddenly I was awake much earlier than usual in the morning and the great thing was that I was well-rested and fit. And I was also able to observe and measure the decrease in 5G exposure in the saliva analyses.

The final proof

One day in my practice, a patient came to talk to me. When we had finished the consultation, he asked me if we wanted to check my practice rooms for EMFs. He had obtained a special measuring device for a measurement at home. As the high-voltage railroad lines were right outside my practice window, I found it exciting to carry out this measurement.

Everything in the green zone

He switched on his measuring device and we saw the green lights light up for all the measurement parameters. I found this somewhat implausible given the proximity to the high-voltage line and doubted the measuring accuracy of his device. But then I remembered that I was wearing the bracelet and that it shields a certain radius. I walked a few meters away from him and lo and behold, the lights changed to red.

Since then I have been recommending the regeneration mats and wristbands with a clear conscience and have also been able to observe the effects on many other patients.

For your reduction of electromagnetic pollution

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