Health experience

Do you want to be healthy?

Would you like to know the causes of your complaints?

Would you like to be taken by the hand on your way to a healthy life?

Then let’s go on a journey together.

I’ll show you the way.

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Actually, I’m just a signpost. As a doctor, I found it difficult at the beginning to give up the belief that I could heal people. I can’t heal anyone. Only the patient himself can do this.

A lighthouse in stormy times.

I am merely pointing out the paths that are necessary for this. It is up to each individual to decide how intensively they want to participate.

Leading a self-determined life.

Simply described

My state examination. It was a crisp fall day. The excitement grew as I entered the rather uncomfortable room with the other candidates and we had to answer questions from several experienced doctors. Overall, everything went quite well. I diligently explained various clinical pictures, talked about therapies and introduced my examination patient.

When all the candidates in our group had finished, we had to wait briefly outside the door. An eternity for me. Then we went back inside and got our rating. In contrast to some others, I “only” got a grade of two.

Not bad at all, but the reasoning behind it still echoes in my ears to this day. “You explained everything properly and presented it well, but you used a choice of words as if you were explaining the whole thing to my grandma on the sofa.”

I was shocked.

I was shocked that this was considered bad. After all, isn’t it all about speaking the same language as the patient? To be able to explain everything so that he understands me and is able to decide for himself which treatment to take together?

For me, a definite yes.

Too often during my studies in various internships, I experienced patients asking the nurse what was wrong with them after the doctor had left the room following the ward round. In my opinion, what makes a good doctor is not being able to throw around Latin terms, but rather being able to have an understanding conversation with the patient and foster a good basis of trust.

ell just written.

Susann Blaske

It was a sunny fall day. I went to a cozy cabin in the woods with my partner for a few days to relax a little. We sat together on the balcony and read our books in the last warm rays of sunshine. And this one book brought my medical house of cards crashing down. Suddenly I realized that some of the things I had learned during my studies could not be true at all and that some facts were interpreted differently in favor of economic interests. I trusted blindly and didn’t question anything. I decided this would never happen to me again. And so I immersed myself in a completely new world.



susann blaske sits in a blue and white summer dress on the path in nature.

A new world

A world in which even the healing of serious illnesses is possible and I was finally able to discover the secrets of the human miracle. I have already been able to show hundreds of people their path to health. I owe this to my experience, my constant growth in knowledge, but above all to the fact that I have always checked all information ever since. This is the only way I can filter out the misinformation and literature influenced by economic interests.

To intensify this, my family and I have completely changed our lives. We sold everything and traveled for several years to Costa Rica, which is one of the 5 blue zones in the world where people live to be over 100 years old. I travel to study the best medicinal herbs and to continue to grow my expertise. My patients can benefit from my experience, combined with independent thinking and precise observations, as well as independent examinations.

I live what I teach.

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Health experience

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